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Christ is not a person but a principle, a consciousness according to New Age philosophy.

THE CHRIST according to Benjamin Creme and Share all things to all people. The Kalki Avatar, Sri Krsna, the Messiah, the Imam Mahdi, the Bodhisattva the Fifth Buddha, Maitreya Buddha, and the World Teacher.

Students of the esoteric tradition know all these as different names for the same individual --- the Lord Maitreya, the World Teacher, the head of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Masters and they look for His appearance on the world stage in the immediate future.

His energies work through all people of goodwill, regardless of any religious or philosophical attachments. So this Christ does not look at ones concept of God or man, but ignores it. This new spirit released in the world will be the teacher to bring all religions into unity.

Lola Davis tells us the New Age "Christ" resides on a different plane of consciousness from that which we experience. There he directs the Masters, "a group of advanced souls, most of them discarnate ... known variously as the White Brotherhood, The Great White Lodge, the Masters of Wisdom, the Hierarchy, and the Angels around the Throne." (Lola Davis toward a world religion for a new age p.186)

According to esoteric teachings, the word 'Christ' is not the name of an individual, but of an office or function within the Spiritual Hierarchy of Masters. The Leader of this group is known as the Christ. This group of perfected men is also known as the Society of Illumined Minds, the Great White Brotherhood, the Masters of Wisdom and the Lords of Compassion, the Spiritual or Esoteric Hierarchy, and the Guides and Elder Brothers of Humanity. Under Their stimulus, man's civilizations have risen, flowered, died, for hundreds of thousands of years.

The Great White Brotherhood is the name given to the spiritual hierarchy headed by Sanat Kumara, Lord Gautama, and Lord Maitreya. The Brotherhood dwells in "Shamballa," a heavenly region said to be physically located in the mountains of Tibet. (the Encyclopedia of World religions)

In the esoteric tradition, the Christ is not the name of an individual but of an Office in the Hierarchy. The present holder of that Office, the Lord Maitreya, has held it for 2,600 years, and manifested in Palestine through His Disciple, Jesus, by the occult method of overshadowing, the most frequent form used for the manifestation of Avatars. He has never left the world, but for 2,000 years has waited and planned for this immediate future time, training His Disciples, and preparing Himself for the awesome task which awaits Him. He has made it known that this time, He Himself will come(The Reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom p.30)

But in the ages to come, man will attain to greater heights. And then, at last, a mighty Master Soul will come to earth to light the way up to the throne of perfect man.' (Alice Bailey the Externalization of the Heiarchy p.2)

Lord Maitreya, the fraudulent Christ whom Benjamin Creme and the Tara Center declared as "Christ," has expressed: "He was, and still is, a Disciple of the Christ and made the great sacrifice of giving up His body for the use of the Christ. By the occult process of overshadowing, the Christ, Maitreya, took over and worked through the body of Jesus from the Baptism onwards. ( The Reappearance of Christ and the Masters of Wisdom, p. 46)

The normal method, or the most frequent, for the manifestation of an avatar, is to take over the body of a disciple, as happened with Jesus. The Christ took over the body of Jesus and manifested through it for the last three years. The Christ, Maitreya, remained in the Himalayas, but His consciousness, or some aspect of His consciousness, whatever was needed at the time, took over the body of the Disciple Jesus and worked through Him for the last three years of His life. This time He has come as Himself. (The Reappearance of Christ and the Masters of Wisdom, p.53-54, 1980)

"Maitreya embodies the energy we call the Christ Principle. He has held the office of the Christ for over two millennia… He manifested Himself as the Christ through Jesus to inaugurate the Age of Pisces, … His consciousness informed and guided the actions and teachings of Jesus for the three year period between His Baptism and the Crucifixion. It was actually the consciousness of Maitreya which was seen and experienced by those around Jesus. These Two continue to work closely together and will soon be seen 'shoulder to shoulder' on the world stage on... (Jesus of Nazareth and Maitreya the Christ by Peter Liefhebber, Share International, published by Lucis Publishing Co.)

This is how they can say they are Christ because it is an energy or consciousness.Clearly the occult teaching is threaded throughout, astrology, energy, higher consciousness. We find Jesus is not Christ but only a man he worked through and that he is actually Maitreya, what a switch!

The self enlightened guru Paramahansa Yogananda explains Christ's words in passages such as "I am the way, the truth and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me" Jn. 14:6). Jesus meant, never that he was the sole Son of God, but that no man can attain the unqualified Absolute, the transcendent Father beyond creation, until he has first manifested the 'Son' or activating Christ Consciousness within creation. Jesus, who had achieved entire oneness with that Christ consciousness, identified himself with it inasmuch as his own ego had long since been dissolved.' (Autobiography of a Yogi Self Realization fellowship p.178)

"The truth is" writes Yogananda, "man reincarnates on earth until he has consciously regained his status as a son of God."

To the new age one ascends to Godhood while the Christian message from the true Christ is that God descended to be man.

"YOU ARE THE CHRIST: The only begotten son of YOUR OWN GOD-SELF: You are the ETERNAL ONE: YOU ARE ALL THINGS." (M.S. Princess Step By Step We Climb, p.127)

The Christ of New Thought was an evolution of Quimby's metaphysics. The Christ was considered not a person but an impersonal Divine Nature or Principle. Jesus was believed to have embodied the Christ-principle as no human had before. He had fully realized his Christ-nature. But Jesus was not a savior to mankind; he was merely a "way-shower." That all can achieve what he has by following the path. Clearly in line with new age thought that upholds this belief.

The mystical discoveries of Matthew Fox, a Dominican priest, from the Institute in Culture and Creation Spirituality suggests that we abandon any further quest for the "historical Jesus" and refocus our attention on a quest for the cosmic Christ. The most important definition of the cosmic Christ is "the pattern that connects." Christ is just pre runner for us all as we follow the path.

In 1925 there was a book written entitled, "THE SONS OF GOD" by Swinburne Clymer. It was "A Foreshadowing of the Coming World Messenger of The New Age". Note the similarities of the new age pantheistic view of enlightenment (Swineburne was a Rosicrucian).

"In each life is a spark, a germ of the Divine Nature. This spark is the potential Christos or the potential individual Soul or that 'light which lighteth all the world of man's consciousness.' When man becomes conscious of this light within his own being and recognizes and obeys it's 'still small voice,' he has reached a state bordering on Illumination of Soul or Immortalization. When he has found within himself the CENTER whence cometh the LIGHT, Soul Consciousness is attained. This is the beginning of Initiation; the first revealment of the Divine Mysteries. The Divine Spark in each individual may be developed into a center or globe of pure white fire; it may become a dynamic nucleus of living fires - the Fire of Love and Immortality. This fact gives the key to the significance of the term 'Temple of Illumination.' Man in toto, is the nucleau of Illumination, the Temple of the living, radiating Christos. . . . 'God in me and I in you.' Thus, divine Law, man attains unto Christhood, becomes the son of God." This personifies the cosmic illumination of the new age.

Christ is called the cosmic Christ with a legion of light to accompany him." (I Am healing decrees Saint Germaine press 1976 p.30-31) The Bible also mentions a legion but they were of darkness that could transform themselves into light. They ended in a bunch of unclean pigs when they were cast out by the power of the true God.

E. C. Prophet teaches "The Christ Self, then, has communication with the Father who in both Principle and Person is the Presence of God, the I AM THAT I AM, or the I AM Presence. Thus we find that the soul of David, endued by the Holy Ghost, addressed his own Christ Self, the archetype of the Messiah, and received of him the report that God the Father, his own beloved I AM Presence, had addressed his own Christ Self, saying `Sit thou on my right hand, till I make thine enemies thy footstool.'" (Mysteries of the Holy Grail: Archangel Gabriel, p. 217).

"the only begotten of the Father full of grace and truth" (John 1:14) the universal Christ individualized as the true identity of the soul; the Real Self of every man, woman, and child to which the soul must rise. The Christ Self is the mediator between a man and his God; it is a man's own personal mentor, priest and prophet, master and teacher. Total identification with the Christ Self defines the Christed one, the Christed being, or the Christ consciousness." (Kuthumi p.103)

While Creme is teaching Maitreya is the master of all masters others from his group say different "…significant aspect of completing the Plan as the Master Morya, and the Master who will succeed Maitreya as the Christ during the next era (in about 2,500 years), Koot Hoomi. This open collaboration, which will be visible to all, will end any lingering doubts concerning the true relationship between Maitreya the Christ and His disciple, the Master Jesus. (Jesus of Nazareth and Maitreya the Christ by Peter Liefhebber, Share International)

So the new age teaching is that the Christ is not an individual but an office which can be held by many. That one can be the master of all masters and then someone else can succeed him

There seems to be quite a bit of confusion from those who represent the perfect masters and claim to be in a state of higher consciousness themselves. Elizabeth Claire Prophet's Ascension Research Center Home Page

"Maitreya was formerly the World Teacher until January 1, 1956, when this Office in [the] Hierarchy was passed jointly to Jesus and Kuthumi." ( Lord Maitreya, http://www.all, Ascension Research Center.)

Evangeline Van Pole of the New Age Church of Christ channel of the ascended masters, and in the late 1950s taught that a number of changes had occurred in the makeup of the spiritual hierarchy. Specifically, he noted that in 1955, Gautama Buddha replaced Sanat Kumara as Lord of this World, that Lord Maitreya, formerly the World Teacher, now held the office of Buddha, and that Jesus and Koot Hoomi, formerly Chohans (ascended masters) of the Sixth and Second Rays, respectively, jointly function as the World Teacher. (the Encyclopedia of World religions RUBY FOCUS OF MAGNIFICENT CONSUMMATION)

Who is receiving the true message E. C. Prophet from her ascended masters or Evangeline van Pole or Benjamen Creme from his master? They would probably say both since there is no absolute truth, only what you think is true for you. Personally I would say none of them. Since none of them know the truth!

Lets read what Alice Bailey really thinks The following is from " The Reappearance of the Christ" by Alice A. Bailey (Lucis Publishing) "When He comes at the close of this century and makes His power felt He will come as the Teacher of Love and Unity, and the keynote He will strike will be regeneration through love poured forth on all..

"The work and the teaching of the Christ will be hard for the Christian world to accept, though easier of assimilation in the East. Nevertheless, some hard blow or some difficult presentation of the truth is badly needed if the Christian world is to be awakened, and if Christian people are to recognize their place within a worldwide divine revelation and see the Christ as representing all the faiths and taking His rightful place as World Teacher. He is the World Teacher and not a Christian teacher.

Peter Liefhebber veteran Dutch journalist with Share International writes, "He Himself told us that He had other folds and to them He has meant as much as He has meant to the orthodox Christian. They may not call Him Christ, but they have their own name for Him and follow Him as truly and faithfully as their Western brethren... …(Jesus of Nazareth and Maitreya the Christ by Peter Liefhebber, Share International) (published by Lucis Publishing Co.)

Both Maitreya and Master Dwaj Khul are Tibetan Here's what Khul has to say "It is a fallacy to believe, as some do, that the main trend of Christ's work will be through the medium of the churches or the world religions...He will use all available channels whereby the consciousness of man may be enlarged and right orientation be brought about...the churches are but one of the teaching avenues He will employ...

"He will not come as the restorer of any of the ancient religions including Christianity, but He will come to restore man's faith in the Father's love, in the fact of the livingness of the Christ and in the close, subjective and unbreakable relationship of all men everywhere..."[His] reappearance will knit & bind together all men and women of goodwill throughout the world, irrespective of religion or nationality..."

If its not Maitreya who they would choose to fill this calling, it would be anyone else but the Jesus the Christ of the scriptures, who is the true head of the Christian Church.

Maitreya states "Fundamentalism and dogmatism are coming to an end. That time is quickly passing. Maitreya teaches that the moment a person gives up his brand of ism he will be free…. the Master says. You are not born in sin, as they insist on telling you. For I am with you and you are with me. (Message no. 4)

They reject the one who talks about sin and mans need to be reconciled to God by his cross. Their solution, reject separateness and unite with all. Maitreya challenges the very basis of the revelation of Christ. The new age movement has no sin, judgment or punishment for evil but looks at it as a misuse of the same energy of God. They have no way to change mans fallen nature, there is no ultimate end to evil.

Benjamen Creme in answering questions in the Emergence newsletter is asked I was taught that the one and only God was Jesus Christ. Is this true? His answer ... "I believe that the answer will be in the negative. I believe he will say there is no man in the whole universe who is the 'one and only son of God'; That is the distortion propounded by an exclusive Christian Church from ignorance of the true relationship of Jesus to God'; that Jesus is a son of God-as are all the masters-as , potentially, is every man, woman and child on earth." (Emergence vol.16 no.10 1998).

In The Reappearance of The Christ and the Master of Wisdom by Benjamin Creme writes" ... the Christian Churches have released into the world a view of the Christ which is impossible for modern people to accept; as the one and only Son of God sacrificed by a loving Father to save us from the results of our sins - a blood sacrifice, straight out of the old Jewish dispensation. We have rejected this view, left the church in our millions, because it doesn't tally with our knowledge of history of science and other religions ... to my mind the churches have over-emphasized the divinity of Christ He is divine but in the way you and I are divine ... the idea of a Christ who comes from the sky from some mythical heaven; that the clouds are going to open and He is going to come down in a long white robe; to my mind all this is ludicrous ... does not tie up with our modem scientific knowledge of human psychology..." ( Tara Press)

I didn’t know science and psychology had truth relative to God or the new age! Here is a man that is so open minded that we can become Christ that Maitreya materialized a human body for himself and yet he cannot believe that Christ is to come back just as he left, exactly as he said he would. But its not really a matter of possibility but a willful rejection of the scriptures as divine revelation from God.

Creme speaks of "the Lord of this World" whose dwelling place is "Shamballa"- "the Will aspect of Deity." The Bible says the "Lord of this World" is not the same Lord we worship as the true Christ, either he knows more than he is saying or doesn’t know anything at all. Jesus said, "My kingdom is not of this world" (John 18:36). But Satan, the deceiver, is called "the god of this world," and "the prince of this world."

Creme states they didn’t recognize Jesus then, so they won’t recognize him now. But it is the Scriptures that tell us how to recognize the Christ. The very same ones they don’t take literally! To recognize Maitreya as the Christ you must go against the Scripture, just as the Pharisees did. To ignore this fact you must climb over a enormous mountain of evidence. But then there are some people who love to climb mountains.

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NEW WORLD ORDER -WARNING- Cop Talks About FEMA Concentration Camps

NEW WORLD ORDER -WARNING- Cop Talks About FEMA Concentration Camps


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Where are all these missing humans? Satanic Cults preying on the Public's Children..Satanic Illuminati/Masonic cults are murdering our children

Where are all these missing children?
Former FBI Chief explains missing children epidemic

Have you ever wondered where all these missiing children are, and who is abducting and killng them?
It appears that there is a hidden predatory species of creatures out there that are actually hunting killing, and then drinking the blood of their victims.

These creatures are the champions of industry and the leaders of government. These creatures are collelctively known as the Masonic Illuminati Satanic cult system.

***According the FBI’s National Crime Information Center (NCIC)85% to 90% of the 876,213 persons reported missing to America’s law enforcement agencies in 2000 were juveniles (persons under 18 years of age).

-That means that 2,100 times per day parents or primary care givers felt the disappearance was serious enough to call law enforcement.152,265 of the persons reported missing in 2000 were categorized as either endangered or involuntary.The number of missing persons reported to law enforcement has increased from 154,341 in 1982 to 876,213 in 2000. That is an increase of 468%.
Satanic Cults & Missing Children

Ted L. Gunderson.. Former FBI Chief explains missing children epidemic
PART 1, of an eight part series

Video Lecture by Ted L. Gunderson Recorded on July 7, 1999, Garden Grove, California
This video was recorded at the first lecture I ever attended by Ted Gunderson on July 7, 1999 at the Freedom Forum in Garden Grove, California. At the time, I wasn't aware of the extent and pervasiveness of satanic ritual abuse among powerfully connected, wealthy, and prominent individuals in this country and the incredible number of children that are snatched from American streets and never heard from again.

In Phil Schneider's last video lecture (1995), Phil alluded to the fact that over 700,000 kids are reported missing every year and never found again. The actual figure is closer to one million missing American children that go unaccounted for every year. Ted points out that the FBI maintains all kinds of statistics on stolen cars, but steadfastly refuses to list missing children in their statistics (does that tell you anything?). The voluminous documentation and testimonies of victims described in The Franklin Coverup, by attorney John De Camp (Nebraska), leave no question that the FBI themselves are a major player in the coverup of missing and abused young children by prominent politicians and powerful individuals in this country.
Ted Gunderson retired from the FBI in 1979 with honors after 29 years of lauded service. He had risen to the position of Special Agent in Charge and at the time of his retirement and had under his command over 700 FBI agents in the greater Los Angeles area.

He became exposed to the world of satanic abuse after retiring and becoming a private investigator. He became interested in the mysterious case, featured on Unsolved Mysteries, of Dr. Jeffrey McDonald, a Fort Bragg Army physician who was accused and convicted of murdering his wife and three young children in a viscious bloodbath that took place at his home in the early 1970's. The murder scene included satanic symbols scrawled everywhere with the victims' blood. He was sentenced to three consecutive life sentences.

Ted discovered irrefutable proof, including the confession of one of the satanic cult members who were, in fact, responsible for the murders, that McDonald was innocent and was being framed for the murders to cover up the trail of investigation that would have eventually led to McDonald's discovery of evidence at the hospital where he worked, that drugs were being shipped inside body bags and body cavities from Vietnam along with a huge CIA drug distrbution operation out of Ft. Bragg, North Carolina.

What is the Illuminati? Explaining the Illuminati Matrix Pt.1

What is the Illuminati? Satanism is their Religion -Click to enlarge-
Only one group, and one group alone, is responsible for virtually all wars and bloodshed on the face of this planet: The are called "The Illuminati"

Satanic occult symbolism expressed in the "All seeing eye of Satan`
and the` compass and square of the Masonic order
These combined groups of secret societies make up the Illuminati.

Order of Skull and Bones -Yale University Satanic Society

This evil cabal is few in numbers but, like a deadly octopus, its tentacles reach out to grip and strangle untold multitudes of innocent victims.

The initiates of every "EVIL secret society" and internationalist organization, from the Council on Foreign Relations and the Jesuits to the Bilderbergers and the Order of Skull & Bones, obey the dictates of this sinister group and tremble when standing before its leaders.
The cabalist group I refer to is called the Illuminati, they are the emissaries of Satan, an ancient, yet modern, elite so politically powerful and so fabulously wealthy that even past history has been twisted, reshaped, and revised to meet its preferred version of humanity's gloomy, totalitarian future..

Fanatically religious in nature, the Illuminati is, at its core, a horrorfic, grotesque, satanic cult. It's high council is composed of High Priests of Lucifer; these are men who literally worship death, sacrifice children and babies to Lucifer, while practicing sexual magick and occult rituals of the blackest nature.

The New World Order is being organized, funded, promoted by the Illuminati`Satanists and Witches.This Luciferian cabal of Satanic high priests is supported by the over twenty million people around the globe who call themselves "The Enlightened." These people are fanatical in their support of the `New World Order.

The millions of lower defree puppets from other similar satanic secret societies are joined in their zealous embrace of this "New Age ideology"  by millions of unwitting "New Age Theosophy adherents like Oprah Winfry and other "New World Order"- New-Age theosophy crusaders.

-They are all being deceived, because the real agenda, the Illuminati agenda, has always been to consolidate, and once that is completed, they plan to exterminate the Human race as a viable species under Satans's direct orders.

Billions of "clueless sheep" like people that are blindly following these esoteric religious practices. The New World Order threatens to ensnare them when the truth behind the "Illuminati trap" becomes manifest.

The One World Religion goal as stated by the Illuminati U.N supported. henchmen like Benjamin Creme is to mash or combine all pagan religions together. -ALL religions into a world-wide religious dictatorship ruled by Satans main agent, the coming so-called Anti-christ.
-Which they call "Maitreya"
A system of evil lawlessness, where the 'family unit' is a thing of the past.

Under this new Satanic religion based on Lucieric doctrine and initiation,  and all religions will be acceptable to the new global religious order, until that global system is no longer useful to the Illuminati main goal of consolidation of power, under a "One World leader"

Nobody ever asks:
-Yet the Nations are moving with immense speed in implementing the finishing treaties etc required to bring this "New World Order" to fruition. That is simply frightening..

The next time you are in a public area, ask someone who is familiar with the "New World Order" plans if they know who the supposed leader of this "New World Order" is supposed to be.
I can guarantee you that you will find no-one who knows the true identity of the "One" who is supposed to take power in the coming "New World Order" and that presents a problem people are just failing to see.

These world-leaders are preparing to change the landscape and borders on the Globe without informing the public who the leaders of these new superstates and "World Government" will be.

This secrecy, and classified G-Summit meeting are not for the benefit of the public. -As a matter of fact anything your Government does in secret cannot be beneficial absolute well being and prosperity of its citizens, it it were then they wouldn't be secret :) -Keep that in mind as we enter into this next phase of the Obama Presidency.
-As a matter of fact, secrecy undermines the very notion of "Democracy" in every sense of the word.

I suspect things will be changing rapidly within the next several months, and that is purely based on the movements the elites are making, especially concerning these Bank bailout inititatives which literally stole the wealth of the country, and gave it to the very institutions that are currently responsible for the present financial crisis to beging with.

so long as they don't interfere with Illuminati global dominations plans.
Anyone who does not accept this coming totalitarian rule will be deemed an enemy of peace to the "New World Order" and face severe persecution. i.e. Jews, Christians, as usual..

-In other words, the coming New World Order also comes with a mandatory religious system that "everyone" will have to describe to under penalty of death or at the very least sever persecution.

This is why people need to wake up. The Illuminati god is LUCIFER, in other words all New World Order adherents will have to take an oath of allegiance to Satan in order to enter into their so-called coming global "New World Order"

in which the coming occultic Zodiac-age of Aquarius is

While these Gentile supporters are, on the whole, woefully ignorant of the horrific, ultimate goal of the Synagogue of Satan, their support and service to the cause of Lucifer helps drive the global push for a One World Satanic dictatorship with a One World leader (Anti-Christ) of Satan's never-ending successful campaigns of revolution, war, famine, financial calamity, and bloodshed.

 control Big Brother's police and spy organs and possess ownership of every major book publishing firm in the world, rarely is a book or volume ever printed that has the courage and audacity requisite to expose the ongoing conspiracy of this monstrous group.
I am, therefore, extremely pleased to recommend to thinking men and women an excellent, new volume,
The Synagogue of Satan, by Britain's Andrew Hitchcock. You will find it to be a useful, revealing, and accurate historical guide to the sinister crimes and dark events that have propelled the Synagogue of Satan to the precipice of world power. So impressed was I with Mr. Hitchcock's new book that I volunteered to write the introduction for an American edition, which Power of Prophecy, is pleased to publish and distribute under our RiverCrest Publishing imprint.

The term Synagogue of Satan is biblical in origin. As Mr. Hitchcock notes, the book of Revelation in the Holy Bible minces no words. God warns us of the horrendous and diabolical power to be wielded in the last days by the entity identified as the "Synagogue of Satan."
Jews Who Are Not Jews
What is most fascinating, however, is that the scriptures clearly tell us that the evil leaders of this entity are not Jews! Yes, they say they are Jews, and the world recognizes them as Jews, even as "Israel," but they lie! Listen to what God's Word reveals:
"I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the Synagogue of Satan." (Revelation 2:9)
Mind-boggling, isn't it? These wicked, world power-brokers want us to believe they are Jews; they boastfully lay claim to Israel as their heritage. But, in reality, they are blasphemous liars. What is going on here?

The masters of the Synagogue of Satan today possess extraordinary influence over the media. Most people believe in the pro-Zionist propaganda that gushes forth daily from Hollywood, New York, and Washington. It therefore stands to reason that the average world citizen easily falls for the Lie. People everywhere trust these great and beneficent leaders who say, "We are Jews" to be exactly that: Jews. No wonder the Apostle Paul warned that Satan's disciples come disguised as "ministers of righteousness" and as "angels of light."
In the case of the minions of the Synagogue of Satan, they come to us disguised as "God's Chosen," as "Israel," as the One Race selected by God to produce in the future a Messiah (not Jesus!) for eternity. We are Jews, they proudly boast while, at the same time, they suggest that others�that is, the defective lower and inferior races�are obligated by God to bless them, to follow the Jews' lead, to bow down and serve them as "God's Chosen."
"Yes," they arrogantly explain, "we are Jews, and you are goyim (cattle), and we have been chosen by divine edict to rule over you and over the entire planet."
So complete is Jewish domination of the media that Americans are left totally in the dark about Jewish hate crimes and atrocities. In 1994 in Hebron, Israel, Baruch Goldstein took a machine gun into a Moslem mosque during worship. Goldstein, a believer in the Jewish holy book, The Talmud, which teaches that Jews are a superior god race, but Gentiles are like insects and cattle, savagely massacred 29 unarmed worshippers and wounded 125.

Celebrating the Hebron massacre, Jewish admirers of mass murderer, Baruch Goldstein, carried automatic weapons similar to the one Goldstein (right) used to carry out his "mission."
Today, in Israel and in Jewish communities worldwide, Goldstein is a hero. Rabbis portray him as a "saint." Joyful celebrations take place at his grave site on the anniversary of the Hebron massacre. All this is widely reported in the Jewish media, but carefully hidden from ordinary Americans.
The massive, park-like memorial made of killer Baruch Goldstein's grave indicates the high esteem in which he was held by Jews following the massacre. Goldstein's grave describes him as an honorable man, even a saint.
Gullible Evangelicals Fall for Lie

Shocking as it is, claims by the Jewish pretenders of racial and spiritual superiority have been accepted by most Christian evangelicals as legitimate, authoritative, and coming direct from God. Christian evangelicals say it is the lot of the Gentiles to bow down and accord virtual god-like status to the "Jew" and to their newly formed political entity, Israel, lest God be angered and curse and punish those who resist the Jews and their artificially created nation, "Israel."
Sadly, almost nowhere in the established Christian Church can be found a pastor or evangelist today who has the spiritual wisdom, or even the common sense, to ask the cardinal question, "Who is this Synagogue of Satan that God warns about in the book of Revelation?" And nary a soul seems to ask the correlating question, "Just who are these wicked imposters of whom God warns will say they are "Jews" and are not, but do lie?"

One thing is for sure�the Bible regards these false, lying Jewish imposters as dangerous, murderous vessels in the hands of their infernal lord, Satan. Revelation 2:10 says the Synagogue of Satan will cast some Christians into prison and kill many others. Their evil plot to conquer the world by stealth and deceit will finally bring about a precarious Hour of Temptation for all mankind (Revelation 3:10). So, why aren't pastors and evangelists today warning us to watch out for and beware of these imposter Jews of the Synagogue of Satan?

It is as if the modern-day descendants of Attila the Hun, Genghis Khan, or Japan's World War II Emperor Hirohito were to falsely declare, with absolutely no proof or evidence to back up their contention, that they are "Jews," and the whole world were to foolishly accept their preposterous, juvenile and unscientific bloodline claims.
Their Destiny Revealed in Scripture

Jesus Christ Himself prophesied that all who ally themselves with the Synagogue of Satan, including those millions of deceived evangelicals who foolishly reject or disregard Jesus' warning about this evil Luciferian cult group, someday shall see their Zionist ambitions go down in flames. On that day, the butchers of history will be forced to grovel at the very feet of those whom the Synagogue of Satan have so viciously and cruelly robbed, persecuted, and killed.
"Behold, I will make them of the Synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie: behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee."

Revelation 3:9

NOTE: Power of Prophecy is proud to announce the release of The Synagogue of Satan: The Secret History of Jewish World Domination. Click below to order now!
The Synagogue of Satan: The Secret History of Jewish World Domination

Thankfully, there are a few Jews but only a few who have been able to escape the almost irresistible spiritual impulse to ally themselves with the Synagogue of Satan. Their escape has been made possible due to their faith in the only One who has the power to resist the Evil One's grip. I refer, of course, to Jesus Christ our Lord, Deliverer of Israel. But, watch out! I have discovered that many Jews who claim to be "Christians" are actually Zionist deceivers. Masquerading as "Messianic Jews," in fact they are covert propagandists for the Synagogue of Satan. "By their fruits ye shall know them."
Courage Required to Expose this Group
Given the proven fact that the elitist High Priests of Lucifer who comprise the Synagogue of Satan and their servants


The Satanic Founders of the "New World Order Religion"

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1831-1891) - Contacted by the Master Morya in 1851. After years of contact with her spirit masters she helped to found the Theosophical Society in 1875. Published Isis Unveiled in 1877, established Lucifer, an occult magazine, in London in 1887, and then published The Secret Doctrine in 1888.

Alice Ann Bailey (1880-1949) - Contacted by the Master Koot Humi in 1895. In 1917 she became acquainted with students of Blavatsky and then joined the Theosophical Society. In 1919 the Master Djwhal Khul contacted her and asked for her assistance in taking some dictation. At first she refused out of fear, but then later accepted upon instruction from the Master Koot Humi. The Master Djwhal Khul then wrote eighteen books through Bailey from 1922-1960. She founded the hugely influential Lucis Trust in 1922.

Benjamin Creme (born in 1922) - From a young age he was a student of the works of Blavatsky and Bailey, (and other occultists). First contacted by The Master (full name undisclosed) in 1959. The Master informed him that he would play a major role in the reappearance of Maitreya the Christ. Formed Share International Foundation in 1975. Since then he has been travelling the globe, speaking and lecturing in preparation for The Christ, and he claims to be in direct telepathic contact with both The Master and Maitreya.

Maitreya the World Teacher (a.k.a. The Anti-Christ) - As he allegedly appeared in Kenya in 1988. Creme claims that Maitreya created and inhabited a human body in 1977, and privately entered society taking up residence in London. Since then he is alleged to have privately appeared to thousands of individuals, performing miracles and wonders and convincing many of the truth of his mission. (Wayne S. Peterson is one influential casualty, as is Mikhail Gorbachev.)

The Ascended Masters are the Fallen Angels

Benjamin Creme's theology is directly founded on the teachings that were published by Helena P. Blavatsky (HPB) and Alice A. Bailey (AAB) as dictated to them from various Ascended Masters. Through a closer examination of their beliefs it can be shown that the so-called "Ascended Masters" who developed their twisted theology are in fact the Fallen Angels of the Judeo-Christian tradition.

According to AAB, the Hierarchy of Ascended Masters who are responsible for humanity's evolution are led by a trinity of Supreme Beings. This trinity is explained in the following chart, taken from AAB's The Destiny of Nations, p.23

I. SHAMBALLA Will or Power Planetary head centre,
The Holy City Purpose . . Plan spiritual pineal gland.
Life Aspect.
Ruler:- Sanat Kumara, the Lord of the World.
The Ancient of Days.

II. THE HIERARCHY Love-Wisdom Planetary heart centre.
The new Jerusalem Consciousness.
Group Unity.
Ruler:- The Christ
The World Saviour.

III. HUMANITY Active Intelligence Planetary throat centre.
The city, standing foursquare Self-Consciousness.
Ruler:- Lucifer.
Son of the Morning.
The Prodigal Son

AAB's trinity includes Sanat Kumara, The Christ (Maitreya), and Lucifer. And, although they are represented in the chart as distinct individuals, their characteristics, as given by AAB, overlap to the point where they are almost indistinguishable from one another.

AAB refers to Sanat Kumara as the head of the Hierarchy, the Creator (although not the ultimate creator), the Eternal Youth, the Heavenly Man, and most often as The Lord of the World. Supposedly he "descended" to the earth about 18 million years ago, and "sacrificed" himself to humanity, to help guide us to divinity.

The Bible describes how Satan was thrown out of heaven and came down to earth. In Genesis the serpent convinced Eve to eat from the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, promising that she would become as God. Through this successful corrupting of humanity Lucifer thereby became the possessor of man and earth. When Jesus began His earthly ministry He spent forty days in the wilderness, and Satan came and offered Him the kingdoms of the world: "All this power will I give thee, and the glory of them: for this is delivered unto me; and to whomsoever I will I give it. If thou therefore wilt worship me, all shall be thine," (Luke 4:6-7). Satan was not making a bogus proposal, for all the kingdoms of the world had indeed been "delivered unto him," and mankind with it.
Jesus later referred to Satan as "the prince of this world" in John 12:31 and 14:30, and Paul referred to him as "the god of this world" in 2 Corinthians 4, also describing the hierarchy of fallen angels as "the rulers," "the authorities" and "the powers of this dark world" (Ephesians 6:12).

When AAB describes Sanat Kumara as The Lord of the World, she is merely referring to a cleverly repackaged Satan, the evil being in control of the earth, the Adversary of God and man, who is constantly scheming and manipulating to keep us from the saving knowledge of the one true God and of our Messiah, our way out of this mess.

The Christ, the second person in this unholy trinity, is also referred to as Maitreya, the World Teacher. AAB writes that at the beginning of each new age of human evolution The Christ takes up human form and comes to guide humanity during the transition period.

The Bible teaches that mankind will in fact enjoy something of a transition into a new age, but it will not be a result of blind evolution. Rather, it will be a transition that will take place because of God's love and grace to those who have come to find Him.

 AAB's Christ is one that she claims is expected by all religions, known as Krishna, Maitreya Buddha, the Imam Mahdi, the Messiah and the Christ, etc. It is true that many faiths predict a coming figure who will lead humanity, but only Christianity and Judaism predict a great deceiver to come upon the earth first, prior to the real New Age of the genuine leader. The career of this Deceiver will be a final attempt by the Lord of the World to keep men from the true knowledge of their Creator. As the table below demonstrates, Maitreya the Christ does indeed fit the predictions of this future deceiver: The Anti-Christ.

Lucifer is the final member of AAB's occult trinity. She writes, "Symbolically speaking, some of the sons of God fell from their high estate, led, at one time, by "Lucifer, Son of the Morning". This "fall of the angels" was a tremendous event in the history of our planet, but was nevertheless only a passing and interesting phenomenon in the history of the solar system, and a trifling incident in the affairs of the seven constellations, of which our solar system is but one. Pause and consider this statement for a moment, and so readjust your sense of values." (Esoteric Psychology, vol.1, pp394-395).

HPB writes that "Lucifer is the LOGOS in his highest, and the "Adversary" in his lowest aspect - both of which are reflected in our Ego," (The Secret Doctrine II, p.162). She then writes that "Satan is the god of our planet, and the only god," (p.234). She sums up on page 513 by writing, "Lucifer is divine and terrestrial light, the "Holy Ghost" and "Satan," at one and the same time... And now it stands proven that Satan, or the Red Fiery Dragon... and Lucifer, or "Light-Bearer," is in us: it is our Mind -- our tempter and Redeemer, our intelligent liberator and Saviour..."

Please consider the words of Paul, his prediction of the future Antichrist and the power behind him.

"The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with the work of Satan displayed in all kinds of counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders, and in every sort of evil that deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness." 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12

Beneath the trinity at the head of the Hierarchy of Ascended Masters AAB places the Devas or angels. These are subdivided into greater and lesser Builders. She refers to the greater Builders as the Solar Pitris, Agnishvattas and Fire Devas, and also as Solar Angels or Solar Gods. On p.950 of A Treatise On Cosmic Fire Bailey writes, "As the solar Gods descend ever nearer to the physical plane... the thoughts and desires of men are consequently purified and refined." Bailey footnotes "Solar Gods" here by quoting from Blavatsky's Secret Doctrine, saying, "The Solar Gods are the Fallen Angels... They are the Serpents of Wisdom" and "Their nature is Knowledge and Love."

Curiously, the unholy trinity of Blavatsky and Bailey, according to their own writings, is not the ultimate expression of God. Their trinity is only concerned with this planet, so Blavatsky writes in one passage that Satan is our only god, yet elsewhere she puts him in his place relative to the universe. The ultimate force is referred to by Bailey as "The Unknown," or "The One About Whom Naught May Be Said," This is her impersonal pantheistic god-force that is creation, it is her divine force of which she says we all have a spark. On p.293 of A Treatise On Cosmic Fire Bailey offers a chart that shows The Unknown presiding over seven Cosmic Logos, and each Cosmic Logos presiding over seven Solar Logos, and each Solar Logos presiding over seven Heavenly Men. As explained earlier, Sanat Kumara is described by Bailey as a Heavenly Man. He is Satan or Lucifer: The Lord of the World. He is far from the top of Bailey's confusing universal hierarchy, but according to her he is the "only god" as far as humanity is concerned.

And now to AAB's and HPB's view of the God of Israel, the true Biblical Creator of the Universe. Blavatsky referred to the "God of Abram, Isaac and Jacob" as a "spiteful and revengeful" deity. (S.D. I, p.439 footnote). Elsewhere she describes Him as the true creator of mankind, but states that after Lucifer offered the knowledge of good and evil to humanity, (a previously "soulless, ignorant monster") our Creator became filled with rage, envy and animosity towards His creation. HPB writes, "In this case it is but natural... to view Satan, the Serpent of Genesis, as the real creator and benefactor, the Father of Spiritual mankind. For it is he who was the "Harbinger of Light," bright radiant Lucifer, who opened the eyes of the automaton created by Jehovah, as alleged; (Lucifer) can only be regarded in the light of a Saviour. An "adversary" to Jehovah the "personating spirit," he still remains in esoteric truth the ever-loving "Messenger"..." (S.D. II, pp.243-244).

HPB describes Lucifer, or Satan the Adversary, as the Saviour, the ever-loving Messenger, but Jesus described him in totally opposite terms saying, "He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies," (Luke 8:44).

Jesus: The Master Jesus is considered by Blavatsky and Bailey to be an individual who is separate from Maitreya the Christ. He is simply another Ascended Master just like Krishna, Buddha, Mohamed, etc. However, the story of this Master, as told by AAB is rather peculiar. She writes that He was indeed the man who was crucified and then resurrected, but that He was able to do this only because He was overshadowed by Maitreya the Christ. New Age theology is predicated on a regimented series of degrees, or levels, of spiritual evolution. According to Bailey Jesus achieved the 5th degree at His resurrection, but He was then demoted back down to the 4th degree! In His next incarnation as Appollonius of Tyana He finally re-established His 5th degree status.

Presently, according to Benjamin Creme, the Master Jesus is waiting in Rome to take control of the Roman Catholic Church and to lead Christianity to accept Maitreya the Christ. The Master Jesus is the only known Master to have been demoted, and He is also the only known Master whose ministry is tinged with negativity, because He is described by Bailey as a man whose followers are distinguished by their "fanaticism and devotion," (Initiation, Human and Solar, p.56). Elsewhere Bailey describes fanaticism as a trait that is characteristic of "small minds" and of those who are "beginners on The Path," (The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, p.20).

She also predicts that the future ideological battle will see those who are on the side of the New Age faced against the "fanatics" of Christianity, "Years ago I said that the war which may follow this one would be waged in the field of the world religions. Such a war will not work out, however, in a similar period of extreme carnage and blood; it will be fought largely with mental weapons and in the world of thought; it will involve also the emotional realm, from the standpoint of idealistic fanaticism. This inherent fanaticism (found ever in reactionary groups) will fight against the appearance of the coming world religion and the spread of esotericism. For this struggle certain of the well-organised churches, through their conservative elements (their most powerful elements), are already girding themselves. Those sensitive to the new spiritual impacts are still far from powerful; that which is new always faces the supreme difficulty of superseding and overcoming that which is old and established. Fanaticism, entrenched theological positions, and materialistic selfishness are to be found actively organised in the churches in all continents and of all denominations," (The ternalisation of the Hierarchy, p.453

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The Critical Documentary Series: The Illuminati: Volume 1, 2, And 3..Wake up people! -Educate yourselves..

The Illuminati: Volume 1, 2, And 3

This is the first video of a three volume series which is very well written and a pleasure to watch, as it answers the questions many have concerning this Satanic pyramid structure, which controls this planet we just happen to live on.

I encourage everyone to watch this entire series, educate yourself, look around, then ask yourself how long you have been manipulated.


ILLUMINATI (VOL 1): ALL CONSPIRACY NO THEORY Enigma Motion Pictures The entire political system of the United States and Britain is being controlled by a small group of elite occultists who have all sworn allegiance to the All Seeing Eye of Lucifer. For more than two centuries, the aristocracy of Britain and America have been involved in Satanic Secret Societies which have seeded all the major positions of power in Politics, the Media and the Military. It starts with the JFK assassination, through the dark depths of the two Gulf Wars, and brings you bang up to date with details of how members of the Skull & Bones secret society engineered the 2000 and the 2004 U.S. Presidential Elections. We then voyage deep into the heart of Westminster and expose the fact that Freemasonic temples exist within the House of Commons and that the Queen of England is Grand Patronness of International World Freemasonry. .Summary: Subjects Covered Include: Aleister Crowley & 33 degree Freemasonry Albert Pike & The Ku Klux Klan Tony Blair & The 1591 Studholme Masonic Lodge Footage from inside the Skull & Bones Tomb Winston Churchill & The Order of Druids Masonic Lodges inside the British Parliament The O.T.O. & The Golden Dawn British Royal Family Members of Hitlers SS Satanic Possession Devil Worship Amongst Hollywood Stars How The 2004 U.S. Presidential Election Was Fixed

 The Antichrist Conspiracy is made by British film director CHRIS EVERARD. The Antichrist Conspiracy follows on from where Chris Everards last film ended - it tracks the Chinese governments torture campaign in Tibet, where thousands of monks have been forced to fornicate in the streets and have been imprisoned without trial - some for more than 20 years. It parallels the scenes of torture from Tibet with the photos of Psy-Ops ritualized torture at the Abu Ghraib Prison in Iraq. This film asks and to a certain extent proves that an evil agenda is being followed by the American and Chinese governments... An interview with a senior official at the Washington State Department - the actual department which recommended to president George Bush that China receives "America's Most Favoured Nation\\\" award - is seen breaking down on camera - probably due to being brainwashed. Another important part of this film shows a Chinese government minister appearing on the BBCs QUESTION TIME programme - the minister is challenged about the policy of torture and genocide in Tibet - again the minister stares into space, talks not to the interviewer but as if reciting a message pre-programmed into his brain - another clear sign of brain washing. Perhaps the most important sequence shows Bill Clinton in a semi-trance state repeating the same message on TV cameras over and over again. Whilst make-up people tend to his clothes, Bill Clinton sits motionless, unblinking, staring into empty space - this is what Psy-Ops specialists call 'Park Mode'.

ILLUMINATI (VOL 3): MURDERED BY THE MONARCHY Description: The Illuminati Volume 3: Murdered by the Monarchy is the latest release from Enigma Motion Pictures. It takes a long hard look at the gruesome history of the 'Royals' and shows how they bludgeoned, murdered and tortured their way to power. It also looks at events surrounding Princess Diana's untimely death and reveals information the Royals would rather stay hidden. After seeing this film 'Royal' is the last word you'll use to describe them.


This documentary series is required viewing to get a thorough look at how the Satanic Illuminati matrix controls the world we live in, and how this evil system is working towards the Satanic enslavement of all Humanity before the coming of the true Lord Jesus Christ.

This documenatary series will answer alot of your questions concerning why our world is so violent and evil.

Brace yourselves for a journey into the world we really live in..

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WHO ARE THE ILLUMINATI? Satan's Agents of "NEW WORLD ORDER" A Real History Lesson



The Illuminati Rothchild Shield

Who Are The Illuminati?

"The world is governed by far different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes"

"Give me control over a nation's currency, and I care not who makes the laws"

Conspiracy theory is the theory that most of the world is secretly governed by a small group of men who operate behind the scenes. Conspiracy theory is now an accepted turn of phrase but sometimes one hears the expression, sometimes whispered rather than spoken. "The Illuminati".

What does this mean? Who are the Illuminati? They are, in essence, a cartel of international bankers and industrialists based in Western Europe and North America. The names of certain families persist over long periods of time. Some of the most important names are Rothschild, Rockefeller, Morgan, Lazard, Warburg, Schroder and Schiff.

The pivotal family is probably the house of Rothschild, the descendants of Mayer Rothschild (1743 - 1812) of Frankfurt. The male descendants of this family, for at least two generations, generally married first cousins or even nieces. The family established banking institutions in Vienna, London, Naples and Paris as well as Frankfurt. Ever since the middle ages, these families have been building their power by lending money at rates of interest to the monarchies and governments of Europe who were forever in debt, particularly in times of war. Sooner than tax the population to raise funds, always an unpopular measure, they usually preferred to borrow money from the money-lenders. This was the birth of the concept "the national debt." The countries of the world are forever in debt but where there is a debtor there is a creditor - who is this money owed to? It is owed to this coterie of international bankers.

By the nineteenth century the power of the Rothschild family was immense. They increased their wealth with great cunning and cleverness, while maintaining a low public profile. A notable example of their methods was their exploitation of the battle of Waterloo. The Rothschilds had spies watching the course of the battle and as soon as became evident that Wellington had won, a Rothschild agent traveled at maximum speed to London, arriving hours before Wellington's own messenger. Rothschild received the messenger and began conspicuously selling his stocks. The whole stock exchange assumed that Wellington had lost and Napoleon had won so everybody started selling, at this point, other Rothschild agents bought up huge stocks at give-away prices. Thus an already massive fortune was massively increased.
The Rockefeller family may be equally important. The pivotal figure in this family was J.D.Rockefeller, who made his fortune out of Standard Oil or Esso in Ohio and Pennsylvania. He also controlled the railroads. When rival road transport systems were established he attempted to block them by parking his trains across the roads at level crossings. His basic business technique was the elimination of competitors at all costs, followed by the establishment of a monopoly, followed by profit taking. He rapidly gained a name for huge wealth, secrecy and hard and dirty business practice. In his later years he had a harsh and gaunt appearance, so to counter his bad "public image" JD more or less invented the PR industry. He had short films of himself made, calculated to charm the public, himself playing golf with a pretty little child for instance. This film was shown on TV recently. It has a rather false and amateurish air but was very effective with the public of the day.
The Rockerfellers currently have controlling interests in Exxon (the world's biggest company) and the Chase Manhattan Bank, which turns over trillions of dollars a week. With so many billions in their hands already, what does more money mean? Obviously it means more power and more control over other human beings, but to what end and in whose name?
Apparently in the name of Lucifer, the fallen angel also known as the bringer of light, hence the name "Illuminati", which means "the enlightened ones". Lucifer is also known for the characteristics of pride, deception and impermanence. The illuminati were apparently founded in Bavaria in 1770 by one Adam Weisshaupt, a student of the Jewish philosopher Mendelsohn, and backed by the Rothschild family. The society has always been based on the lodges of Freemasonry, which was taken over at the highest levels during the course of the eighteenth century by agents of the Illuminati. Freemasonry is a very secretive institution, to the extent that members at one level do not know what members at another level are doing. Hence it is an organisation which is full of bonhomie and good deeds at the lower and middle levels, while its motives and deeds at the highest levels veer towards the dark side.

Both Freemasonry and Judaism have strong roots in the ancient Egyptian systems of religious belief, and it was this very similarity which attracted the illuminati to Freemasonry, for most of them were Jewish. It is a source of controversy today to speculate whether or not they are still predominantly Jewish. No unfair racism intended - they either are or they aren't. Certainly there is much evidence to suggest that they are not, George Bush for instance, a prominent illuminati figure and obviously not Jewish.

The all seeing eye on the U.S. Dollar Bill
The United States of America is more or less a creation of Freemasonry. The symbol of Freemasonry was placed on the cornerstone of the Whitehouse, while the assembled Freemasons lodges stood and watched the ceremony. The famous all-seeing eye in the pyramid appears on the one dollar bill. It is one of the main symbols of Freemasonry. This bill also bears the inscription, in Latin, "1776, the year of inception of a new world order". If one joins the dots formed by the stars of the thirteen original states one obtains an exact Star of David.
The goal of the IlIuminati is total control of the world. The only nations, which are holding out against their power, are some Islamic nations and China but this resistance is limited because the Illuminati have crushing economic power.
There are certain methods of subjugation and control which are indispensable to this power. The first is, of course, complete control over all financial systems, all borrowing and lending. All banks, all building societies, all insurance companies have to be under their control. At the lowest level even the smallest bank will be forced to toe the line. At the highest level the World Bank decides the fate of countries. It is an interesting and amazing fact that both the Federal Reserve Bank and the Bank of England are controlled by these Illuminati dynasties, in spite of the names of these banks, which suggest that they are run for public benefit. It is said that both Abraham Lincoln and John Kennedy wanted to change this system.

The second essential component is control of the media. It is controlled through business fashion. If the board meeting, or the management meeting, or the sales meeting, or the training meeting suggests that facts should be presented in a certain way, who is going to present them differently? There is an implied threat to one's job and one's career. Few people would gladly face demotion, retrenchment or the dole and most people are so ambitious they will do nearly anything "reasonable" to court favour with their superiors. This is how business is controlled and the media is the most important part of business, for it controls people's minds. People are very suggestible and often lend more credence to what they see on "the box" than to what happens on their own street. The Illuminati know this and use this suggestibility factor to the full. Lenin's key move during the Russian revolution was the capture of the radio station.
The third factor in the control system is the universities, and through them the whole education system. Particular effort is put into the schools of sociology, politics, economics and education, hence "liberal" systems of education which are often degenerate and even violent. Their men are inserted into the universities through the power of funding by big business. They then spread their influence downwards through tertiary to secondary and primary education.

The fourth factor is the enormous influence wielded by two similar organisations, The Council of Foreign Relations in the USA and the Royal Institute of International Affairs in England. These institutions are schools for statesmen, Illuminati statesmen. They are the stamping grounds of men such as Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinksi and Lord Carrington. These two "think tanks" have a crucial influence on all US and British governments, no matter which party is "in power". The statesmen produced by these institutions can and do decide the fate of nations.The tax-exempt foundations are also instruments of Illuminati power. The Ford foundation and the Rockefeller foundation are two prominent examples of this type of "charitable" institution. They were heavily involved in supporting various communist powers when the cold war was at its height. Communism versus capitalism arms race = more money and power for the Illuminati. So these are some of the structures through which the Illuminati work but what methods do they use?

Pitting one side against the other, using a theory devised by Hegel, which is: Thesis versus antitheses - synthesis.
Every force tends to have an opposite counterforce. The conflict between the two results in a new situation, the synthesis. The illuminati make it their business to be the synthesis. Thus no problem situation is ever "nipped in the bud" it is rather fostered and used, just as the Soviet Union was fostered and used.
The insertion of immigrant groups into countries is a variation of this divide and rule process. Each group can be played off against the other.

"Double talk" and "double think". George Orwell knew instinctively what was going on when he invented these two expressions:

I categorically deny = it will happen a bit later.
Peace = war by another means. To say one thing and do another is fundamental to Illuminati practice. They believe that the public will accept these lies through laziness and wishful thinking. Unfortunately they are usually correct.

"Keep them busy busy busy, back on the farm with the other animals." We are kept so busy with business (or busyness) that we do not understand or participate in the decisions and events that will crucially affect our future.

When a real power move is made it is usually done secretly and suddenly often with the pretence that nothing has happened. There is preparation for opposition, but conflict is often not necessary as most people have been trained to be so passive that they will probably not create an effective opposition.

Use of front men in important positions. These front men have the characteristic of "servile obedience", probably because of a blot or blots on their character which they are anxious to conceal. Most of the Presidents of the USA fall into this category. The current situation springs to mind. Behind the opponent stands the man with real power, who has long been groomed for this position. Men like Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski and George Bush are in this category.

The assassination of opposing leaders as quietly and as secretly as possible, so as to simulate a natural death. If this is not possible due to time constraints or other limited circumstances, surrogates are used and the lines of suspicion are covered by deception, false accusation and if necessary, multiple assassinations. Induced heart attacks, fake motor accidents and apparent suicides are also favoured methods of assassination.

Social engineering. An easily manipulated rabble is what is required. Mixed population groups with weak morals, weak traditions, low educational standards and weak group willpower are the aim. Those with special aptitudes can be taken out and trained to serve the illuminati for technical purposes, security purposes or as part of the propaganda apparatus. The middle class will become surplus to requirements and will be reduced to relative poverty.

Mockery and submission of the manners and morals of societies which show any resistance. Control of the media, the fashion industries and the education systems are essential components in this strategy. "Free love", the cult of youth, mockery of the Christian and Muslim faiths also fall into this category. "I don't give a rats ass about Jesus Christ" is one recent masterpiece from one of Hollywood's biggest starts. He probably didn't realise what he was saying, which makes him a "useful idiot'. A "useful idiot" is much more effective than a conscious supporter. By these means of subversion societies and nations are conquered from within and open battle is usually not necessary.

The conduct of unrelenting economic warfare. This is the real war and continues even while the bombs are falling and the bullets are flying. The important part is the control of the enemy's economy after the conflict. The recent economic crash in the far-eastern countries is in reality an assertion of the Illuminati's economic power, an expression of economic dominance. The Illuminati now control 10-15% of the Japanese economy. This is public knowledge, that is what has been bought at bargain prices. In reality they probably control much more.

Control and exploitation of the standards of public health. The sale of prescription drugs is a huge business generating mega profits. Medical operations and treatments can also be very profitable to big business. These extreme treatments have their place but are over-used for the sake of profit.

In fact big business, particularly the big drug companies, have a vested interest in the ill health of the population. These companies, working through the US Food and Drug Administration, have tried to suppress the health food industry. In this they have largely failed but now the game is to own it and control it so that health foods can only be afforded by the elite.

Argument through defamation of character. The factual debate is ignored while characters are defamed. This is usually a very effective technique as many human beings are very suggestible and seem reluctant to use their reasoning abilities. Thus a "smear campaign" can easily draw attention away from the facts.

To conclude, it is growing increasingly evident that a world government is developing, and many would say that it is probably no bad thing, but few have asked for what purpose this "new world order" is created. Nor have they asked themselves what the consequences will be. These consequences (or some of them) will probably be as follows:

• Increasing profits for big business, increasing poverty for the middle class (who they despise). A rapid decline in moral standards and the promotion of social decay.
• Transience. Jobs that don't last; neighbourhoods that don't last.

• Increasing levels of crime and violence.

• Decline and demise of public services; replacement by private enterprise - good service for the few who can afford it.

• Ongoing ill health for the bulk of the population because of stress; poor quality foods; food additives; genetic engineering; pollution and drugs. There may be good health for those who can afford it - only the rich and well informed.

• The gradual phasing out of national governments, which will have powers more like the regional governments of today.

In time a world leader will be announced, a real one this time. A pity he will have a cynical contempt for the most of humanity. Do we deserve it?
• The formation of several conglomerations like the United States.

The Illuminati and the Black Nobility

The word Illuminati means 1. People claiming to be unusually enlightened with regard to a subject. 2. Illuminati Any of various groups claiming special religious enlightenment. Latin illmint, from pl. of illmintus, past participle of illminre, to light up. See illuminate. These definitions are taken from "The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language".

Those people are the top players on the International playground, basically belonging to the thirteen of the wealthiest families in the world, and they are the men who really rule the world from behind the scenes (yes, they are mostly men, with a few exceptions). They are the "Black Nobility", the Decision Makers, who make up the rules for presidents and governments to follow, and they are often held from public scrutiny, as their action can't stand being scrutinized. They are connected by bloodlines going back thousands and thousands of years in time, and they are very careful with keeping those bloodlines as pure as possible from generation to generation. The only way to do so is by interbreeding. That is why you so often see royalties marry royalties, for example. Their parents decide whom to marry.

Their power lies in occult, (magic) and in economy - money creates power. The Illuminati own all the International banks, the oil-businesses, the most powerful businesses of industry and trade, they infiltrate politics and they own most governments - or at the very least control them.

An example of this is the American election for presidency. It is no secret that the candidate who gets the most sponsorship in form of money wins the election, as this gives the power to "un-create" the opposed candidate and effectively promote the candidate who will follow the plans of the Illuminati. More often than not, it is the candidate with the 'purest bloodline' and who is the most corrupt one that will be chosen for the job. The Illuminati put in top positions people who they know have a dark past, so they can be easily controlled. If these appointed people, who are promised fame and fortune if they follow the rules, are breaking the same rules, the Puppet Masters can easily get them back in line by threatening to put their dirty laundry out to dry in public. If that doesn't help, the person will be assassinated, like John F. Kennedy for one.

More often than not the Illuminati sponsor both sides to have a game going to entertain the ignorant public. They decide who will be the next president, and they see to that their man wins, even if they have to cheat like they did in Florida when President George W Bush "won" over Al Gore. Most president campaigns are financed with drug money, which is understandable if you know that the Illuminati run the drug trade industry as well (more about this elsewhere on my website). Elections are really not necessary, but they let us vote so we can have a game, and by letting us do so, they pretend to follow the Constitution. It gives us an illusion of choice.

But isn't the President running the game? Not the least. The power is not with the politicians, but with the Illuminati, whose top players, as far up in power as we can confirm, are mostly of a Sectarian Jewish Elite, who use Zionism as a tool to create a Jewish State in Israel with Jerusalem as their Capitol. Zionists are not to be confused with the common Jews, who have nothing to do with this treason against humanity.

The leading candidates for Presidency are carefully chosen from the occult bloodlines of the thirteen Illuminati families, and if we research all the Presidents of the United States from the beginning and up to present time, we will find that almost all of them are of the same royal bloodline, and they are all "family"; related by ancestry and family trees. Royalty is equivalent to the Illuminati.

So what are the true goals of the Illuminati? The main goal is to create a One World Government and a "New World Order", with them on top to rule the world into slavery and dictatorship. This is a very old goal of theirs, and to understand it fully, one must realize that this goal isn't of a kind that's supposed to be obtained within one lifetime; it has been a goal that slowly is to be reached over a long period of time. However, they have accomplished more in this direction during the last few decades than they have done in hundreds of years, due to industrialization and the Information Technology Era.

Their immediate task is to lower the living standard of the developed countries, like the United States and Europe, to a low enough level, so the government can more easily control us (you can see this happening). The living standard in the third world countries will then increase to the same low level that is planned for the developed countries, so that it all evens out. To be able to accomplish a New World Order, the living standard must be similar all over the world - they want a uniform world to rule over. We can see this goal slowly being reached right before our eyes. The following article shows it clearly: Africa and Asia Push for 'New World Order'.
This goal has been planned away from the public's prying eyes, in secrecy within the Secret Societies. All Secret Societies with secret grades of initiation are owned and controlled by the Illuminati, and Freemasonry is maybe the best known of them all. The powers that control the societies and the Illuminati are occultists and black magicians. Their God is Lucifer, "The Light Bearer", and by occult practices they manipulate and influence the masses. It doesn't matter if you and I believe in this or not, as long as they do. And they take it very seriously.

It's a breath-taking thought that this planet, as a matter of fact, is run with Black Magic - a planet where magic is not supposed to exist at all in any shape and form, except in the movies and in books, and if somebody tells you it does exist, he/she will most certainly be ridiculed. After people have watched movies like "Lord of the Rings" they wish there was more magic in their lives; little do they know ...

From the occult, mind control and Intelligence have developed. By taking over the Movie Industry, the Record companies, and by their control of the Fine Arts, they know how to influence the teenagers to dance to their tune and accept their kind of reality. This makes sense if you look at what kind of "entertainment" we are enforced to enjoy.

The music the teenagers have to listen to is often totally without quality and lead many of them into "robotism", apathy, violence and drugs. It's also used for mind control, as we shall see later. Real quality music is rejected by the big record companies in favor for those with lack of talent. Since Black Sabbath in the beginning of the 70:s and the Rolling Stones before them, occultism and Satanism has been promoted through the music industry. Many groups followed on the same track and have always been Hard Sale and heavily promoted and distributed.

The same thing goes with Hollywood, which is also controlled and created by the Illuminati and the Mafia (same Masters). The "E.T"-movies, Dooms Day films and catastrophe-movies all align with the purpose to influence us in certain directions, as we shall see later in this article. Occult movies have also been made popular. All to prepare for days to come ...
I told you above that the men who control the Illuminati are members of thirteen wealthy families. Who they are has always been a well hidden secret, and the leadership has gone from man to man over generations. Nevertheless, no secrecy is kept forever, and sooner or later there will be leaks, so also in this case. Not many people know who these families are exactly, but quite recently this has become known, due to people from Illuminati who have left the Order and revealed the most remarkable data. So here are the names of the 13 families - the Secret Government (and here is another link,) in case one of the websites goes down, and here is yet another one.

1. Astor
2. Bundy
3. Collins
4. DuPont
5. Freeman
6. Kennedy
7. Li (Chinese)
8. Onassis
9. Rockefeller
10. Rothschild
11. Russell
12. van Duyn
13. Merovingian (European Royal Families)

1. Reynolds
2. Disney
3. Krupp
4. McDonald

Also, in addition to those four families, there are hundreds of others that are more remotely connected to the main 13 Illuminati bloodlines. Although significant, they are not mentioned here; they are considered less powerful and less "pure" by the 13 Elite Bloodlines.

The following families are also interconnected with those above: