Wednesday, June 20, 2007

In The Beginning..

A Star Nursery..(Hubble Telescope)
According to Scripture, there existed intelligent life long before the existence of humanity. There were beings of vast intelligence and power long before mankind came to be created. I have always wondered what these creatures look like. Many people believe in a being of Power that is responsible for their very existence.
As thi....
In my quest for truth, I had to be sure that this was correct, that indeed there was intelligent life beyond our sphere of reality.
People who follow my work always ask me what my motivating factors are.
People wonder how I manage to keep motivated in my work..well this is how.
I am motivated by the truth, and the potential for beautiful world, which keeps me focused, and at peace.
This clarity protects me in a dangerous situations, in a dangerous and evil world, no matter what the odds are, the focus on my GOD keeps me safe from all harm.
-This is my secret, and I will share this with anyone who wants to learn something about themselves, so you can protect yourselves against all harms in this dangerous world we live in today.
On this site I will attempt to bridge the gap between my actions, and the true meanings behind them.
I dedicate this site to everyone who loves someone enough to share eternity with.

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